Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big W the ninth - "Writer's Block"

Writer's Block....  Those two words speak volumes.  Well, negative volumes for that matter.  Lack thereof.   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then those two words are void of thoughts, ideas, and any semblance of coherrent thought.  

Picture a crew on a ship in the middle of the ocean.    They have no wind.   They are not going anywhere fast are they.   A writer, with the BLOCK.... they're not going anywhere either.

It's been a troubling week.   My mind feels like it's being pulled in a thousand different directions at once.   Between a very demanding day-job (can't I make it as a writer soon and forget my day-job?--probably not), and an interesting personal life, all the social media out there, and everything I can not seem to focus my thoughts enough to sit down and write.

Even my blog has suffered.   I haven't been able to write in days.   So...what does any smart guy do?  Write about how he can't write.    At least... Get....the....words....flowing....   Write something.

I did do a guest post on someone else's blog this week.  It actually took me a few tries to get it right, because I was so hurried and felt like my four arms were being pulled in different directions by horses galloping for the four corners of the earth.   (Hey, nice image... the words are flowing now).

I haven't found time at home to sit down and write (see demaning, interesting personal life dilemmas)....   I hate when that happens.   I hate wasting hours in front of the television.   But that's what you do when you can't focus your brain I suppose.   I believe the term is 'vegging out.'   Or simply trying to appease the other people in your house.

I can write...  I've always been able to...

Have written poems when dating women my entire life.   Am never at a loss of things to say.  I actually crafted fun 'chapters' of a cute old couple to one woman I was dating back years ago.    It was just as fun to write them as it was to hear how entertaining they were for the person to read.    The joy was when on a slow Friday afternoon at work, they would write to me and say "hey, I'm bored and don't want to work anymore....Entertain me!!"     Always my pleasure.  

Women are better than Paris in the springtime.   More enjoyable than sitting in a olden square in Florence sipping chianti and enjoying a plate of caprese.    Anytime I have a woman to write about, the words seem to flow out of me.    Why is that?   So much to say?   Or so many experiences to draw from?

I do get called to the mat once in awhile... One of my books has a scene in it where one of the characters uses her toes to pull off the man's boxers in an intimate scene.   Sadly, someone I work with asked me if that was a real life experience.   I simply blushed...   Innocent little me.

So....  it has been good to write again...   Thank you for listening (and hopefully enjoying) the rant.

I have decided to write a period based romance novel... And am very excited to begin it.   It's different than anything that I've ever done, but I know I will be up to the task.   The question is whether I'll be smiling the ENTIRE way through.   Imagining what situations to put my characters in next.   That, is the pleasure of writing.   It's enjoyable and fun. 

So... I'm off to start it.   Right now.  No excuses... Just fingers on the keyboard, and start.   Go back and edit later...  It doesn't have to be a work of art right out of the gate.  That's what CP's are for.   Valued as they are.   To clean up the ramblings of a person who's mind works faster than his fingers can type.

Go write.   Now.


  1. Write, write, write. We have so many things to write sometimes our brains can't process what we SHOULD be writing.

    Do I work on my blog? Do I tweet? Do I guest blog? Do I edit the novel? Facebook? Gee, what the heck should I do???

    What do I do? I write whatever I feel at the moment. Whatever story, blog, tweet, whatever is moving me at that moment in time.

    Hope you get over your block soon.

  2. I am sure the stress of a demanding life can put anyone in a temporary mental vegitative state. As a fan of yours, I know creativity & wit abound just below the surface. They will bubble up soon, no doubt. I'm certain your fortunate Critique Partner is anxiously awaiting whatever charming brilliance pops forth. You always write in such a descriptive voice, I can clearly visualize our poor hero being tugged every which-way by those dastardly horses. No doubt set upon him for some nefarious purpose. **Never fear, my friend. I always have your back. Surprisingly, his amiable lady-like helper discreetly reaches under the many long layers of her dress & astonishingly pulls out the ever present bejeweled dagger she had strapped, for protection of course, to her leg & cut the ropes to help rescue our hero from those savagely pulling horses. She smiles widely at him, as she frees our hero to go forth & please his many fans, by writing his new book & blogging on another day.** Good Luck, Sir. : )