Monday, October 17, 2011

Big W the twelth - "Hmmm, a Song"

A song on the radio can be a magical thing.   What does hearing a certain song do to you?   Which of your senses does it tweak?  twangle?  shiver?  memory?   another place?  another time?   experiences of your youth?   All of the above personally. 

For me, songs transport me in a variety of ways.   Sometimes they make me go from a bad mood to a good one.   Sometimes they make my mind journey back to a certain place in time.   Evoking a memory or an experience.    Simply because that song was playing then.     Other times, they make me feel things like when you hear a song that was in a movie, and you can see a scene in your head.   I love when that happens.

Sadly... (yes I am masculine enough to admit it), the other morning the song from "Dirty Dancing" came on the radio... Ugh, I know.    Well hold on a second.     I had been in a blah kind of mood.   Upon hearing the song, my imagination played scenes from the movie in my head.   The scene where they are practicing in the dance studio.   The scene learning lifts in the water.  All the fun things that happened there.    An estate up in the woods where rich people took their kids for the summer.   And the whole crowd of workers and dancers and waiters that interacted with the kids there.     All very interesting.      I loved summer camp when I was a kid.   The whole movie was a little out of my own summer camp's league, but still evokes some memories.   As sappy as I consider the movie, I still love it.    Nobody puts baby in a corner.     :)   After hearing the song, I was in a much better mood.

Songs are magical.   Country songs have never been my favorite, although my parents subjected me to them all while growing up.   However, the older I get, the more interesting the themes are that I find intertwined within country songs.    I guess my experiences have caught up with some of those of country singers.  Not all certainly... but some.   They speak of some deep parts of life.  I guess now I get it a little more.   My parents were ahead of their time.   I suppose. 

The next best thing to escaping from the world is a good book for me.  But hearing a song evokes and transports me to another time and place in my memories.    Sometimes they make me smile, sometimes they make me sad.   Either way, they make me feel alive.    A memory that I hadn't thought of in a long time pops up out of nowhere, simply because of a song.     Need I go into the whole thing of junior high dances... Nope, I think the blog is already long enough.   Perhaps another day.

All very interesting for me the other morning.    A new appreciation for music unearthed again.   I had lost that feeling for awhile.   (see..."you've lost that loving feeling") what's that make you think of?  haha..

I've had the CD player on at home of late.   And have been enjoying rediscovering my love of music.

Thanks.  w.w.w.