Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big W the third - "Loving deeply... slowly"

The Background:  I love Jane Austen's book, Pride & Prejudice.  Yes.  I am a man.  But I have read most of Ms. Austen's books.  Sense and Sensibility would be my second favorite. 

Gruffly I add, 'any smart man who wants to know anything at all about how to treat a woman correctly would benefit from the research.'

Truly however, Austen's books are a guilty pleasure.  I love reading them.  And revisit them often, year after year.  I enjoy and identify with her Darcy characters the most.  Lizzie and Fitzwilliam are a pure form of how amazing love can be.   When it is right. 

Okay.. present time.  Over the past decade, a friend of mine from school and I have been reading Sharon Lathan's books.    A modern continuation of the Darcy series.  I can never put them down.  Yes, truly a guilty pleasure.  I am secure enough to admit it.   A number of years ago, I had an experience.   Totally lost myself.... in a simple, sweet, intense kiss that I know will always be one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Silly guy that I am, one day long ago I toyed with my friend that I read Ms. Lathan's books with.  I told them that I was going to write a chapter for the Darcy's and send it to Ms. Lathan.  It's the little cute things in life isn't it?   I didn't expect a response, and didn't really want one.  The fun was in the doing.   Revisiting a moment in my life when the world stopped spinning for a second, and everything else disappeared.   Have you ever shared breathing with another person?  Felt as if every part of you were connected and merged?    There are certainly other activities in life where this occurs.   But.... A kiss?   really.

Here is the chapter that I sent to Ms. Lathan....  Enjoy... feel it...   deeply and slowly.

Good afternoon Mrs. Latham:

Below please find a chapter for your perusal to include in your next Darcy book.   The real life version of these events was so overwhelmingly intense and romantic that I am certain you will agree that the Darcy’s would be lucky to find themselves in just such a situation.   The connection felt is so right and pure, the Darcy’s will thank you for setting them into this situation.

Chapter 12

The seascape set a perfect back drop for a wonderful afternoon.   Waves lapped gently up against the rocky shore as Fitzwilliam strode hand in hand down a pebble strewn pathway with the most wonderful woman by his side.   He and Lizzie had journeyed back to the seashore where they had enjoyed a fabulously intimate vacation a year previous.  The two of them would certainly have to join with each other in the private bathhouse later this evening after dinner, but for now, they were content to simply walk and talk.   Their conversation ranged across a number of topics, and while it didn’t really matter what they talked about, they enjoyed each other’s company immensely.  William found himself gazing over at Lizzie by his side, sneaking little glances at her to drink in the sight of her beautiful face.   He found it difficult to pull his eyes away from her, but tried to cast his gaze back on the pathway if he felt that she was turning his way.   Oh, he knew that she was aware of his glances, and could see a little smile gracing her face when she ‘felt’ his gaze upon her.   He was simply content and happy to be nowhere else on earth at this moment, and was wishing that the clock would stop so they could freeze this perfect afternoon in time. 

Breaking him out of his reverie, Lizzie squealed lightly in delight as a sprinkler threatened to drizzle them.  Her hand left his momentarily as she skipped on ahead a few paces to get out of the way of falling water cascading over the lawn on the side of the path.   William watched her figure as she daintily danced outside of the water’s grasp.   He laughed inwardly as he stepped gracefully, yet stoically around the shooting water stream.   He caught up to her a moment later, grasping her hand and twirling her around.   The smile on her face made him go slightly weak in the knees as he intoned, “I can wait any longer my love, you are so cute, please kiss me.”  She answered him by moving her body up against his, falling into his embrace as their mouths met each other.  Hungrily, they tasted and felt each other’s tongues roving around, connected blissfully as minutes passed.  A small family happened by, interrupting their kiss as William reasserted proper etiquette, sadly breaking from the kiss.  Decorum in public always being upheld and all. 

Lizzie’s smile beamed brilliantly as the two of them continued down the pathway along the shore.  She was caught up in the moment and could feel Darcy’s hand in her own, resting casually, his inner heat emanating through his skin, warming her own.   She looked down at their hands, his long fingers intertwined with hers.   He smiled back at her and unfurled his fingers from hers, moving their hands slightly so that they were now clasping palm to palm, instead of with interlocking fingers.   They smiled at each other, both simply enjoying being outside by the water.   Their carriage had brought them over to this secluded area earlier and they had been walking for about a half an hour, losing all track of time as they drank in the day.   The Vernors had recommended that the Darcy’s take this seaside stroll as Harriot Vernor found it to be one of the most romantic stretches on the seashore that she had ever seen.

Without preamble, their feet stopped at a spot on the path where they could see a way down onto the rocky shore below by the water.   Darcy again twirled the lovely, amazing woman towards him, pulling her in for another deep, passionate kiss.   Lizzie moaned lightly, but broke from the kiss first and headed down the rocks.   William, ever the gentleman, held her hand as she agilely traipsed over the rocks.  She was important to him, monumentally so, and he could not bear it if she fell on the rocks.   He followed from behind, not even watching his own footing as his eyes watched her slender figure navigating further down the slope in front of him.

The two of them found a good spot to sit in, an almost naturally created stone chair that had a backrest and everything.   Proclaiming the spot pure perfection, Lizzie kicked off her shoes and settled down on the rocks.  She hiked up her dress, exposing a few inches of bare skin as she did so.  Darcy’s breath caught in his throat momentarily at the smooth, porcelain flash of her leg.   His heart started to beat faster as he hunkered down next to her.   They were hidden from the view of the path enough that Darcy felt they were truly alone on the seashore.  Every once in awhile he could hear other people talking or playing on the water, but honestly, his thoughts were truly centered on the gorgeous woman next to him.   They sat for awhile, simply staring out at the water, an island visible off the coast in the distance.   They talked about family and Georgina and Uncle George in particular.   Both of them missed the others, but still loved getting to find time alone for just the two of them.

Lizzie boldly stood up from her spot next to William a minute later, a smile twinkling in her eyes.   William momentarily shocked by her movement said, “Lizzie are you well?  Is everything okay?”  She didn’t answer him and he noted the twinkle in her eyes a second later.   Instead, she maneuvered herself onto his lap, straddling his waist with her legs.  “Elizabeth, dearest, we are in public you know,” William intoned.   “No one can see us darling,” Lizzie responded, distracting the man underneath her further as she lightly rocked her hips back and forth.   William could feel his body responding to hers and stopped protesting.  Instead he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him, and keeping her safe.   Their eyes held each other’s as they gazed into one another’s face from mere inches apart.  William’s breath began hasten as he felt the amazing woman moving back and forth ever so slightly.   As caring as she always was, a minute later she inquired, “Am I hurting you dearest?”   William could not respond right away given the trance that he found himself in, but nodded that she was not hurting him.  Then he added, “I would rather have you nowhere else my love.  God, what you do to me darling.”

They sat, joined as one for a long time, Lizzie nuzzling her lips across his neck as she laid her head on his shoulder, contentedly happy in every possibly way.  This amazing man was all hers, and he loves me more than anyone else in the entire world.   Her happiness flowed through to her face, lighting up her features as she pulled her face back to look into his piercing, amazing blue eyes.   “I love you dearest, with my mind, body and soul.”   She watched a sly smile cross he face as he simply responded by moving his face closer to hers.  They almost kissed, but at the last second, William drew back his mouth a scant quarter of an inch.  Their mouths were both open, and open to one another. Slowly, lightly, William moved his tongue forward, just finding the tip of Lizzie’s tongue with his own.   They tenderly, teasingly moved their mouths back and forth as their tongues lightly, ever so lightly touched.   Moving forward ever so slightly, William pressed his lips fully against hers and madly kissed her passionately for a second, breaking contact moments later.   The grazing touch of their lips ached as they parted again, gently feeling each other's body respond.   Their breathing hastened as Lizzie grabbed his waist with her hands, curling her fingers into the folds of fabric at his hips.   The rest of the world disappeared in a blink as time truly stopped, and only the two of them were on that beach, alone, and together.  Joined as one.  Slowly...ever so slowly... Their breath intermingled, breathing as one.   Light, soft lips touched briefly, tongues tantalizingly touching and teasing each other.   Heated, both of them rocked back and forth slowly, in tune to one another’s embrace.   William shivered, and grasped her shoulders tightly with his hands as a shudder passed through his body of its own volition.   Time ceased to exist.  Nothing else in the world entered their thoughts accept their joined breathing, and heightened intensity of feeling.    Onwards and onwards both of them spiraled deeper and deeper into one another, losing themselves in the moment.    Shivers coursed through Lizzie’s entire body as she felt every gentle touch of his lips, his tongue, his mouth.   Breathing together, they both found themselves entering a bliss that neither one had ever felt throughout their entire lives.    A final shudder flowed through Lizzie’s body as William ultimately pulled himself away from her.  Having to, before his heart stopped beating altogether from the intense pounding echoing through his chest.  Their heartbeats in rhythm with one another.   Both of their breathing continued flowing in heated, hot, ragged breaths, unable to regain control of themselves.    “God good William, everything that we experience is always so amazingly intense,” Lizzie finally found the words to say, amid her hungry breathing.  God how she wanted the man nestled and intertwined with her.   It would be too many hours until they found themselves at the boat house later.  Lizzie was not entirely sure that she could wait that long.   William sat contentedly looking at her, a sly little smile on his face, and a twinkle in his eye.  Life was good, amazing and true.   They had always had intense lovemaking, but neither had ever experienced anything like they just had.   

Standing up from the rocky bench moments later, the pair of them strode relaxingly back to the carriage.   Both of them were privately replaying the intense feeling of the long, passionate kiss through their heads.   They passed a few other people on the path but neither of them noticed anyone else.   Their fingers were locked together again.   Happily, amazingly, joined as one.


  1. Thanks for the invite to read your excerpt. :)


  2. Wow!! *standing ovation* this is awesome. I had quite a few experiences like that where a kiss made me fly... And i can still remember the kiss, which is crazy but true. Very very nicely described.

    Very nice. Wow. Have I said nice? It's very nice. Very very very nice.

    Gee, yeah that stuff made me smile!! :)

  3. Amazing!! I am also reading Sharon Lathan's books and this scene has made me keep my breath for a long while, till I finally noticed I wasn't breathing :D It is amazing how a kiss can make us feel like that.... Congratulations!! Keep writing, please, I would love to read more :D

  4. Mr Whicher, you are a most enlightened gentleman. I can personally assure you, your manliness is not only secure, but greatly enhanced in my humble opinion. That was most remarkable writing. *blushes a lovely shade of pink*. As you already are aware, I myself am a writer of historical romance novels. Although it may be a bit bold of me to admit publicly, I do believe you have earned yourself a dedicated fan. I also look forward to reading more. Warm regards, Lady Evangelina

  5. This is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  6. Wayne,
    First I must apologize for never responding to the email you sent a while back. It arrived at an inopportune time and since then I have been overwhelmed with a host of real life happenings. Too many important things have taken a back seat, replying to emails being one of them. Please forgive.

    To say I am floored by your words - both the praise for my novels and your stunning homage - would be an understatement! This is a first for me as far as I know, that being having fanfiction written based on my fanfiction! I never in a million years would have thought it possible.

    Your chapter rivals anything I have put onto the page, I think. Wow!! If I were currently writing a novel with Lizzy and Darcy I think I would have to insert a beach scene. LOL! Of course, I am writing the story of Dr. George Darcy, who is on the island of Bombay, so, hmmmm…….

    Thank you very much, Wayne, for your bravery in proclaiming to the world that you are a male proud to like Austen and, apparently, romance novels. I have long suspected there are many men like you, just not courageous enough to step into the light!

    And most of all, thank you for the mention of my novels. I do appreciate this more than you will ever know.

    Best of luck with your writing endeavors - all of them. Sincerely, Sharon Lathan

  7. Wayne, I'm touched that you invited me to read your post, and smiling from ear to ear because your tribute to the Darcys and to Sharon is very moving. The fact that your story is based on one of your own life experiences makes it all the more beautiful.

    In case you were wondering, not only is Sharon a wonderful writer, but a wonderful person as well. I'm constantly amazed by her abilities, especially her ability and drive to keep writing no matter what life throws her way. If there's a person to emulate, Sharon's your golden girl!

    Best of luck to you, and thank you for sending that link!


  8. I'm finally here after a long day, and it was worth the wait. A wonderful view of Austen from a gentleman, and a wonderful chapter. Could we persuade you to write a whole book? You may be the first man to write an Austen sequel! (Correct me if wrong on that.)

    If you do, please let me know.

  9. A lovely interpretation of the Darcys' feelings for one another. Thank you for inviting me to read it. I found it true to the spirit of the original, the only jarring notes being the use of the words 'cute' and 'okay' which were anachronistic. Otherwise, a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing with me x

  10. There's nothing so charming as a man who likes Jane Austen, and coupled with your obvious romantic nature - you are going to be a huge success with like-minded ladies, I think!