Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big W the seventh - "I am Darcy"

I... Am....Darcy...    Yes, I know, that is quite a bold statement.   For those of you who have not read Jane Austen, or some of her fan-followers, it is even a meaningless statement.    For those of you who have, please let me eleaborate...

No, I am not deluded into a fantasy of being Mr. Darcy.  But the comparison is an enjoyable thought.  First and foremost, his wealth exceeds my own by quite a measurable amount.  I would like to have his resources, if for nothing else than to be able to purchase any sweet trinkets, adorned with rubies and diamonds for the love in my life at the top of a hat.

However... Sir Darcy and I have much in common.   It is in the little things.  A thirst for life, love and happiness.  The hunt that he laid out for his true love, Elizabeth, leaving her cute notes to follow around the halls of Pemberly is something I would do.   Extremely thoughtful and very endearing.  I can picture the smile on Mrs. Darcy's face as she read each note and hurried along towards the following one.   The ulimtate destination of her desires running through her mind, thoughts burgeoning upwards from within her very body.

His piercing eyes.  Focused on what he wants, and what is important to him.   I have been advised throughout my life that I likely have him beat on that point.   A face that fully lights up, extending a twinkle of a smile up to the eyes and that takes over one's entire face is a very useful quality, especially during courting.   Please look up 'melting' in the dictionary.   Smile at that. 

Mr. Darcy often has troubles expressing himself at first.  As do I.   Some deep introspection, and further thought as to his true feelings and emotions takes a little while for the Master of Pemberly to come to grips with.   This is a troublesome quality, but also a deeply feeling one.   He takes time to truly understand his feelings before expressing them in such a manner as to adequately make his true love understand his thoughts.    Troublesome for Elizabeth at times as we read and follow along, the drama at miscommunication or misunderstanding vexing her greatly for a period.   But all will be revealed in good time.   A flighty, charming man such as Wickham can express himself (and tout himself) at the drop of a hat.   But... his feelings should not be construed as a true reflection of himself.  They are simply words.   Whereas, Darcy's words reflect his mind, body, and soul poured forth in expression.

Physically, Darcy must be active.  Much as myself.  Oh, he truly loves to leisure, should the perfect set of circumstances present themselves.   A lazing morning spent between the covers with his beloved is better than heaven on earth.   Slowly, gently trickling his fingers whereever they will bestow the utmost pleasure.  However, when inactivity builds up within, he must mount his horse (should his neather-regions allow) and gallop for the fences to burn off steam...  I can fully understand this and my horse (my cannondale bicycle) has eaten up many miles of thought-provoking introspection.

Darcy is sweet and caring to those that he holds dear.  But is viewed as somewhat aloof and better than others to whom he is not intimate.  I have been labelled the same many times.  Even receiving an 'arrogant' label once, which is personally so undeserved.  But knowing Sir Darcy I can see how his countenance may be misconstrued.  Life is short enough for all (especially in olden times), and the best way personally to go through life is by focusing on those dear to you.    This could be better explained by a statement such as "being able to focus on the minutia important things, whilest not being distracted by larger troubles in life."    Darcy manages a huge estate, but always has the time and energy left within him to devote to those dearest to him.   I view this as one of his better qualities.   Not allowing himself to be caught up and mentally downtrodden to such a degree as to make him unable to come home and greet his adorable bride with a face altering smile.   And make her feel that the rest of the world disappears when she is near him.   His focus is her.   I strive to do this whenever possible, although life does at times get in the way.   The continual realization of it is the important part I suppose, and will make one a better man

Virility... I will not even go there.  Suffice to say, a gentleman should never share.  But Wickham I am not.   Darcy and I are cut from the same cloth.  That is all I will say.  The rest is your own imagination.  Should you need further proof, read the 'loving..deeply..slowly' blog.   Enough said.

Family.  When pressed, Darcy defends, extolls, and savagely puts his heart into his family.   Closeness to his Uncle George is an admirable quality for a maturing Master of Pemberly and is heartening to read about.   I don't take offense to my person very easily, but if one messes with my family, please beware.   My dear mother is infinitely important to me, and I take it upon myself to make it known to her what she means in my life.    Again, life is too short.  Share now with those whom you love, your feelings such as would occur to you if they were ever taken from your life too early.  

Darcy is a better dresser than I...  but I dare say that if I had attendants who would match the color of my cravat to the shade of dress worn by my beloved, I would welcome the symmetry and adornments of presenting a union matched not only in love, but in fashionable sense as well.

I could dither on for hours, but in summary.... All the men in the world should strive to pull some of Darcy's characteristics into their own personalities.  If they did, the women around them would benefit and know that they are the most special and important part of that man's life.    It is the little things gentleman...   Grand gestures aside, by sharing feelings, emotions, and focusing on that relationship with all your being you will benefit from a life which is ungodly amazing and will repay your energies ten-fold.   Darcy struggled to withhold himself enough soon after wedding his bride, and when he did, the pleasure that she attained was more special to him than anything he had experienced.   There is truth in that.... simply giving is often more special than receiving.   A tough lesson in this day and age, but one that has a universal, timeless truth.


  1. Why, Mr Darcy, you certainly are a most insightful gentleman. Your comment on matching fashions, what a truly romantic gesture. Your little game of having Mrs Darcy follow love notes throughout the estate...that is so sweet, the mere thought of it is enough to make any romantic young lady reading it nearly swoon. Furthermore, it is this fans opinion that anyone who has read your earlier blog regarding kissing, could not possibly doubt your virility. *blushing a bit said reader begins to fan herself.* I am certain anyone who falls within your circle of those you hold dear, must consider themselves extremely fortunate indeed. I for one most fervently hold out hope, that you are currently writing some sort of book about Mr Darcy, because this fan would certainly love to read more. I'm sure I am not alone in this. Right ladies!?!

  2. Quite insightful, ideed. I am truly blessed to call you a friend. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with me.

    You are so very right. We should share with those we love, not only love and feelings, but everything around us. You never know when the things we treasure the most are to be taken from us. For it is then that we come to the realization that sometimes we take too much for granted. Even those we love the most.

  3. Darcy was a diamond in the rough. Once Lizzy smoothed out his edges, he was truly a man worthy of her love.

  4. Truly beautiful sensitivity and writing. Thanks!

  5. Wow! This is very clever!!! :)

    Are you writing your own Darcy book?

    Lisa :)